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You can find all kinds of office labels at Yesn Labels, including filing and letter tray labels, desk accessories, computer hardware, office furniture, and even signage.

With a range of sticker shapes, sizes and materials to meet all your office labelling requirements, we offer Anti-Tamper and NoPEELTM labels, as well as removable, peelable white paper labels.

What can office labels be used for?

Besides labeling desk accessories like letter trays, pen pots, literature holders, office furniture such as desks and screens, key cabinets, staff lockers, and more, self-adhesive office labels have numerous uses.

Keep your workspace clutter-free by storing excess office stationery in clearly labelled containers. Our free and easy-to-use label customization tool lets you create completely bespoke office labels.

If sticky notes just aren't sticky enough for use on whiteboards, filing cabinets or storage units, we also offer removable labels on coloured paper and white magnetic sticker papers.

Indicating first-aiders, fire marshals, safety equipment, and other office assets with our vinyl labels is perfect for high-traffic areas and health & safety signage. We also have antimicrobial-coated stickers and film that kill 99.9% of common office germs.