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BoBing for Celebrating Mid-Autumn Day
Posted: 2017-10-04 00:00:00    Views: 127

China is extensive and profound country with long long history, each city has his own culture, XIAMEN is especial also,XiaMen has his hero ZhengChengGong. ZhengChengGong created BoBing games for his soldiers in 1660 year. Game players throw the dice by turns,different pips they count win the player a relevant "title" and corresponding type of mooncakes. The lucky player who gets the pips to make it the title of "Zhuangyuan," will be the biggest winner in the game, and gain the largest mooncake. 

ximen yesn workers bobing 5.jpg

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second important holiday in Xiamen besides Spring Festival,the whole XiaMen is still playing BoBing for celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival every year.  

ximen yesn workers bobing 3.jpg

Follow it's YESN GROUP LIMITED's BoBing game alive, we prepared : Cleanser essence,Household Paper,Shampoo, washing powder,Soap, Toothbrush,Toothpaste,Oil. The biggest winner gained RMB200.