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Posted: 2016-12-31 10:34:00    Views: 127


Commemorate the 2016 Meet in 2017 

Outdoor activities - Xiamen wild Valley Tour 

Our activities include CS war game, barbecue,climb mountains to see dinosaurs. Colleagues are very positive, full of energy, one after another battle of CS let them but they persisted, perspiration comes down like raindrops, each one full of blood resurrection, full of fighting. After CS war, we sit birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers of the mountain,Eat a long-awaited barbecue, sipping iced beer,listening to the sound of water gurgling, comfortable, relaxed and comfortable!

Eat the drink, we began to climb in fine Fig. All sorts of strange things of stone, white silk floating thousands of cascading waterfall, a huge dinosaur stands in the mountains, true to life.

Nature gives us freshness and gives us prosperity. Thanksgiving Valley, gave us an unforgettable experience.